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Advertisement is a huge marketing tool in whichever medium the organization wants to promote its service offerings. Digital market is the virtual market place where almost all organizations are trying to create an impressive presence. Thus, the organizations also need to think about the ways to market and promote their service offerings in this market place. Pay per click is one such important tool to promote and advertise an organizations products and services.

Under the Pay Per Click Model, an organization places an advertisement on a host site. Whenever any user clicks on the advertisement, the organization which posts the advertisement needs to pay a certain sum of money agreed mutually to the host website which hosts the advertisement and gathers audience. These Pay Per Click advertisements essentially serve the main task of diverting maximum audience to the organization’s website, the prime requirement of Search Engine Optimization.

This paid media advertising method helps in serving the three most important purpose of advertisement, that is:

  • • Reaching the Right Audience
  • • Reaching the Right Audience at the Right Time
  • • Reaching out to the Right Audience using the Right Platform

Well this is a tricky job which requires thorough understanding of the Digital Marketing Platform. Trinine WebtechPvt Ltd has just the right expertise and experience to handle this comfortably for your organization.


Trinine Webtech Pvt Ltd follows a strategic and professional method to handle Paid Media Advertisement, especially Pay Per Click Advertising. TrinineWebtechPvt Ltd follows the following series of activities in order to successfully execute Pay Per Click Advertisement for your organization:

Discover: The primary step of planning an advertisement and marketing campaign for any client is to discover every small little detail regarding the client. This would include:

  • Understanding the client organization
  • Understanding the service/product offering they want to promote
  • Understanding what and why they want to advertise and promote
  • Understanding the potential customer base they want to target including the size of such population, their demographics, their psychographics, their media consumption patterns, their social media presence, and their interests
  • Understanding the competitive landscape of the client organization thoroughly

Strategize: Based on all the above discovery, Axe’s professional Paid Media team then start strategizing the process on the following parameters:

  • Formulating a media strategy
  • Determining the specific communication goals
  • Estimating the volume of media required to undertake and fulfill the communication goals determined in terms of reach, frequency, and number of impressions required
  • Developing pointed tactics which would help in achieving the above strategies

Landing Page

Once the strategy related to communication is ready, the next step is to determine the landing page/s which can successfully host the advertisements in order to arrive at the desired promotion and marketing goals.

Campaign Setup

After taking a decisive stand on all the above points, it is time to set up the promotional advertising campaign which can correctly and rightly communicate the message you would want to communicate.


This is the most important step where all our efforts need to be optimized according to your budget specifications. We aim to deliver the best possible paid media services within the budget you specify.


Once the advertisement is live on the various host pages as decided during the strategic process, it is also important to constantly monitor and analyze the effectiveness of the paid media advertisement.


In order to maintain transparency, TrinineWebtechPvt Ltd believes that regular reporting based on continuous monitoring and analysis is required to be done to the client – that is you, so that you are aware of the effectiveness of your paid media campaign.


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